A relaxing hot spring standing on the 'Jigoku meguri(hell tour)'.


A hot spring onsen located in Beppu Kannawa, boasting a high yield of hot spring water in "The Onsen Prefecture" Oita.

Family bath

There are 5 family baths, 'Sakura', 'Tsutsuji', 'Sazanka', 'Yufu' and "Tsurumi'. You can enjoy the sense of each season while relaxing.


The main chemical element of hot spring water is sodium chloride.
It is good for keeping you warm and also moisturized with the metasilicic acid ingredient.
It is said that taking a bath here after bathing in the Myoban hot spring is very effective. Removes effete matter and sebum in the Myoban hot spring (strong acid sulfur spring) and makes you moisturized in the Kannawa area's hot spring (weak acidic sodium hot spring with plenty of metasilicic acid).

Beppu hot spring Oniishi no Yu effect
As of Apr. 2005. Facility registration [bath name] Oniishi no Yu

Hot spring properties Sodium chloride hot spring(hypotonicity weac acid high hot spring)
Name of headspring Oniishi no Yu
Temperature of headspring 98.6℃
Temperature of spring 67.1℃
Effects neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia, frozen shoulder, motor paralysis, acampsia, bruise, spain, chronic gastric disease, hemorrhoids, feeling of cold, convalescence recovery, fatigue recovery, promotion of health, cut, burn, chronic skin disease, a weak child, chronic women's disease
Contraindications acute disease(especially if a fever), active tuberculosis, malignant tumor, heavy heart disease, respiratory failure, renal failure, bleeding disease, anemia of high degree, other generally ongoing disease, during pregnancy(especially in the early and late stages)


  • Adult / 620yen
    Elementary school student / 300yen
    Children under school age / 200yen

    A family bath / 2,000yen (for 60minutes up to 4 people)
    Ticket(sheets of 12) / 4,500yen
  • *Last entrance for the large Communal bath is 21:30 and the last entrance for the family bath is 21:00.
  • Sales of original towel / 200yen
    Rental towel / 150yen
    ※ Shampoo and conditioner are supplied.
  • ☆ We give one stamp for each time you enter public bath(adult only) and family bath.
    10 stamps to redeem free entrance to public bath.

Café space

We have a soft and wood style café space where you can relax.
Enjoy your time watching Oniishi Bozu Jigoku, vapor rising from the hot spring and a distant view of Beppu Bay.

Local products (specialty)


〒874-0000 Kannawa 559-1, Beppu city, Oita Prefecture

By car
By car
After exiting from Beppu I.C. on Oita Expressway, take Prefectural Road No.11 towards Kannawa Onsen for 2 kms.
By train
By train
JR Beppu Station West Exit → Take a Kamenoi Bus bound for Kannawa for 20 mins → Get off at the bus stop 'Umi Jigoku Mae' → Walk 1 minute
By taxi
· Kamegawa Station → Umi Jigoku : about 10 minutes · about 1,200yen
· Beppu Station → Umi Jigoku : about 10 minutes · about 1,500yen